VCSE Barometer Survey | Nottingham Trent University

Information from Nottingham Trent University:
The VCSE Barometer Survey builds insight into real-time trends, changes and challenges in the UK voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.
Findings are shared every quarter with national policy and decision-makers, local infrastructure organisations and the VCSE sector.

Discover the findings of the September 2023 survey below and look out for the next one in January 2024.

The Barometer survey is a quick ‘temperature check’ of what’s happening in the VCSE sector right now. It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete – less time if you’ve participated before. It has 4 sections:

  • Information about your organisation or group,
  • Your experiences in the last three months and your expectations for the coming three,
  • A topical theme,
  • Local questions – tailored to a specific area (under development).