Empowering Emmaus Through Apprentice Initiative!

Capula, a pioneer in advanced system integration with a focus on operational technology and digital transformation, has been leading the way for many years. Committed to social and environmental responsibility, Capula takes its obligations seriously towards its employees, the communities they serve, customers, supply chain, and society at large. The company strives to make a positive impact on their local communities, regularly supporting charity events and local initiatives.

Maria Carroll, the Learning and Development Advisor at Capula, approached our Totally Stoked CSR Brokerage Service to find local volunteering opportunities for their new group of apprentices. Capula believes that introducing apprentices to the importance of social value early on will enhance their careers and community engagement in the future.

After exploring various options with our Projects Team, Capula chose to partner with Emmaus North Staffordshire. Emmaus North Staffs operates two charity shops that raise funds to assist individuals in North Staffordshire who struggle to afford basic furniture and appliances. Each year, they collaborate with local councils and housing associations to provide free items to over 800 households. Additionally, Emmaus North Staffordshire offers a volunteering programme that caters to individuals facing challenges such as language barriers or disabilities.

The project focused on revitalising an office space within the warehouse, transforming it from a neglected area into a welcoming environment where volunteers could receive support, including help with CV development and pastoral advice.

With the guidance of two staff members, the 12 apprentices diligently cleared out the office space. Once empty, they cleaned it thoroughly, creating a blank canvas for the upcoming transformation. Emmaus North Staffs chose a carpet in a shade of green that resonated with their brand. Working collaboratively, the apprentices measured, cut, and installed the carpet tiles, resulting in a remarkable transformation of the office space.

Quote from Emmaus North Staffordshire:

“I want to say a massive THANK YOU for the hard work of the 12 Capula apprentices – I was truly impressed by how hard every single one of them worked all day. A brilliant team effort! Their hard work has transformed our office into a much more pleasant place to work each day and I cannot wait to get the meeting room flooring completed now to make that equally as welcoming for visitors. I wish all of the apprentices every success in their careers with Capula.”

John Webbe, Chief Executive Officer

Quotes from Capula Staff:

“I’ve volunteered before at a youth centre, but nothing like the day spent with Emmaus. It was great to work as part of the team and help our team bond. It was great to further the connection with our local community.”

“It’s been great to have a laugh and a joke with my colleagues whilst helping an amazing charity”.

“For our apprentices, it’s important for them to get as a group for them to do a team building exercise whilst helping the community. Capula encourages our staff to utilise their volunteering days, so it’s great to start off our newest Capula team with their volunteering”.