Door2Door Community Transport Volunteer…Vanessa’s story

Door2Door Transport is a community transport service for residents of Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent.

Vanessa is one of the amazing volunteers that volunteers for the Door2Door service, which helps to support people to get out and about in their communities helping reduce isolation and enabling people to maintain their independence.

Gloria initially met with Vanessa in October 2023 and completed an ‘Inclusive Volunteer’ Questionnaire which asked questions on wellbeing, loneliness, skills, and transportation.  Vanessa explained that she was ‘keen to give something back to the community’ and to also ‘try to make a difference by providing support to an organisation’.

I asked Vanessa what benefits she has gained from volunteering. Vanessa explained that ‘I enjoy communicating with the public and love supporting people on the telephone’.

Vanessa explained that her volunteer role has helped Vanessa to recognise that she still has a lovely ability to communicate with other people and has also re-found her love of IT.

Photo of a lady answering the phone for the Door2Door Community Transport Team

Vanessa even explained that her role as a Door2Door Community Transport Service volunteer has given her the confidence to maybe even consider volunteering in another sector as well…

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