Businesses reminded about new rules on single use plastics

Posted on behalf of Staffordshire County Council.

Businesses across Staffordshire are being reminded about further restrictions on the use and supply of single-use plastics.

The additional restrictions follow an earlier ban on the use and supply of single use plastic straws and stirrers in October 2020.  The laws were introduced to help reduce the impact on the environment and to protect wildlife.

These latest restrictions, which came into force on 1 October, now include polystyrene cups and food containers, single-use plastic cutlery and single-use balloon sticks.  There will also be a restriction to the supply of plastic trays and bowls, although businesses can continue to supply these items if they are used as packaging in shelf-ready, pre-packaged food items. 

The ban applies to businesses that supply the products, including manufacturers and retailers.  Trading Standards officers from Staffordshire County Council are now working with the industry to ensure they are aware of their new responsibilities.