Virtual Volunteer Fayres

How is your organisation reaching out to all the people that would make good quality committed volunteers? Since the pandemic the volunteering landscape has changed, there is more a mix of virtual and face to face recruitment. We want to cover both bases.

Presenting the Virtual Volunteer Fayre – where organisations get to share the word about their important work and spotlight their volunteer opportunities, and potential volunteers can sit back with a coffee in their own homes and view presentations at their leisure!

We have supported organisations such as Voices, Expert Citizens, Coroners Support Services, Beth Johnson Foundation, Saltbox, the Shaw Trust, Revival, Appetite, Connecting Choices., Emmaus Furniture Mine and Middleport Matters to do exactly that – and are looking forward to hosting two of these lively events per year.

The event is held live on Zoom and each organisation gets to present their own five-minute video and answer questions from the audience.  As well as all the latest news and current opportunities, we hear stories from volunteers about the difference volunteering has made to their lives.

You can view the videos from our previous events:

July 2021:

December 2020:

Upcoming Virtual Volunteer Fayre

We will be sharing dates for 2022 soon.

For your chance to showcase your work and connect directly with volunteers looking for opportunities like yours, register your interest now by emailing [email protected]

For more information about the Volunteer Managers Network, including how to join, click here.