Veterans Support Network is opening their “Arts and Minds” gallery this Saturday 24th September at 12pm. This coincides with The Middleport Pottery Artisan weekend with Re-Form Heritage, and everyone is welcome.

Venue: Unit 3 Harper Street, Middleport Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 3PE

About Veterans Support Network – Written by Lee West


To enhance the veteran community by offering additional services that fuse well with organisations offering support and wellbeing to our communities. Working collaboratively with health care providers, local and national government and charities to reduce isolation, loneliness and poor mental and physical health across North Staffordshire. The offer of art classes as a therapeutic coping strategy and social inclusion tool from which to build a more fulfilling and engaging life.

Day to Day

Their unit in Harper Street, as part of the Re-Form Heritage complex in Middleport Pottery has dual purpose. Primarily the unit houses an art gallery for the exhibition and sale of Veteran art. This also provides integration opportunities with the larger community around us, enabling joint projects and support from multiple angles.

In addition, they use the workshop space in the unit for art classes and workshops, training, education and social opportunities for our veteran clients. There is a quiet room which can be utilised for endless purposes including but not limited to, a safe space, socialising, meetings, training, interviewing and counselling.

The office as part of the open plan gallery space is used for all aspects of admin for the C.I.C. The other half of the business is not restricted to working from the office/unit, although is based there for contact and face-to-face meetings where appropriate.

Their collaborative working potential is unlimited, all veterans and their families are part of the brotherhood/sisterhood. With this in mind, they value the input and support of partners who have direct contact with the veteran community. As with all community groups, whether charity or community interest companies, they are in effect offering a one-stop solution for their demographic.

Nationally they are focused on veteran welfare, welling and mental health management and this disseminates down through all channels at all levels to the ground or grassroots. Funding and numbers do not do the job alone, whereas working collaboratively with the same goal does.

Veterans are a particularly difficult group to work with for non-military people. It is a whole culture and this continues after service due to the indoctrination via training during service.

What do they offer?

Referral Process

Quite simply there is no complicated referral process or red tape. If a client makes you aware that they are a veteran, you or your client can contact us for support or engagement into the services, activities or safe social environment that we offer.

The only information that they require from the referring officer is of a safeguarding nature. They respect entirely medical in confidence and GDPR but anything that is of a safeguarding concern MUST be declared to Veteran Support Network so that they can ensure it is handled professionally and confidentially, but most of all safely.

Email:   [email protected]

Phone:  07734016461