VCS Hub – Case Studies

Income Maximisation
The Hub received a referral from Intermediate Care to contact a couple, living on the outskirts of Newcastle, in need of some support to review their finances and benefits entitlements. The gentleman is suffering with memory loss and has had recent investigations for brain bleeds. His mobility is reduced and he has become unsteady on his feet, needing support from his wife day to day. The Hub has a partnership arrangement with the DWP and following a discussion with the wife, sent a referral for a visiting officer to visit to support with a claim for Attendance Allowance.

Social Interaction
An 89 year old lady was referred by her GP surgery, who felt she was in danger of becoming socially isolated. She lives alone and had gone through a period of ill health. The VCS Hub contacted the patient to explain the service, and to discuss what type of support may be beneficial. This lady had been quite socially active previously, but had not been out for some time. The Hub discussed a local social group offering a range of activities that met once a week and it was agreed that we would set up for her to attend. The Hub arranged voluntary transport to help her to get there and back each week. The outcome is that she happily attends every week and has made several friends who she socialises with outside of the group.

Mental & Physical Health
A 37 year old female contacted the Hub having been signposted by her GP. She suffers from Fibromyalgia, Blepharo Spasms, anxiety and excessive tiredness. She had had support from Mental Health previously which had since come to an end. She was having ongoing tests and was struggling with her diagnosis. Discussed a range of issues including benefits/attending the Jobcentre on a regular basis and getting the support she felt she needed. We agreed to refer into the Dove Service for the Life Changing Conditions counselling sessions to help her to come to terms with her conditions. A referral was also made to Rethink for their Community Support to help her to engage with local activities and to receive 1:1 support.

Alcohol Dependence
A 55 year old male was referred into the Hub by an Occupational Therapist who was concerned about how he was managing. He was alcohol dependent and as his mobility was very much reduced he was unable to get out. As he had moved from another area he had not yet registered with a GP practice and needed support to do this. The Hub discussed which practice to approach and arranged to collect the registration paperwork for him. The Hub requested some social care support and a support worker arranged to go out and complete the paperwork with him. Once complete he was able to be referred into the Lifeline service for help with detox – which was his main goal.

Carer Support
The Hub received a referral from social care to contact a Mum of an 11 year old who was full time carer for her own mother, who has Alzheimers. The caring role was becoming difficult and impacting on her son. The Hub made contact and discussed referring her for carer’s support and also to refer her son into young carer’s support. She also needed some help to review her benefits and to have information on what support groups she may be able to access. The referral was made and the organisation arranged a home visit to assess needs and a support worker to help provide the benefits review and to inform on support groups locally.

Support with Hospital Discharge
A call was received from a Hospital Ward OT to discuss an 85 year old gentleman currently in hospital following a below the knee amputation. He was almost ready for discharge but as he lived with his elderly wife and didn’t have any relatives to assist, needed some help and support to organise for a hospital bed to be installed at home. The Hub contacted a local voluntary sector organisation who agreed to make contact with the wife and arrange to go out to assist with moving furniture around to enable delivery to take place, so that he could be discharged back home.