Information from VCS Emergencies Partnership:

As we enter winter 2022-23, familiar and new challenges mean we need to be prepared to respond to a range of different crises and needs. This page provides insight from a range of sources on topics which are likely to be of relevance to the VCS over the winter period.

The information provided by the partnership includes:

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Cost-of-Living Support in Stoke-on-Trent

Other resources form the partnership include information and advice on weather hazards, help with utilities, and warm banks. For local information on these topics #StokeonTrentTogether has a lot of advice and information on a number of topics including:

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Cost-of-Living Support in Staffordshire

For help within Staffordshire, Staffordshire County Council has created ‘Here to Help’ which is an information hub full of advice and support to help residents in the county manage the cost-of-living pressures. Lots of support is available from many different organisations, and it is often closer than people think.  This includes:

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