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Established in 1920, VAST is a registered charity, providing services and support to Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups, Charities and Social Enterprises (VCS) in Staffordshire. We also offer Corporate Social Responsibility services to local businesses.

Our key aim is to improve the quality of life of local residents by:

  • Promoting and advancing professional development VCS organisations
  • Advocating on their behalf at a strategic level through a 2-way dialogue between policy makers and the VCS
  • Developing promoting and supporting volunteering
  • Supporting businesses with CSR locally
  • Professional business service – Accounts, payroll, graphic design, databases etc.

Quality Assurance

VAST takes quality seriously and strives to provide high-quality services adhering to strict quality assurance guidelines, we like to make sure we are doing the right things the right way; as such VAST are committed to excellence and have achieved;


VAST endeavours to continually improve the quality of our services to better meet the needs of our customers. We welcome your comments, please give us your feedback here.

PQASSO mark 2 - Quality Assurance                    NAVCA - Quality Assurance                

VAST Annual Reports

Please click below to view VAST’s published Annual Reports for the year ending 31st March 2019.

Trustees Report and Financial Statements

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