Together We’re Better Update – week commencing 10th August 2020

This week we have seen more and more areas going into local lockdown, as the number of coronavirus cases has been on the rise in certain places across the country. This has included the greater Manchester lockdown spreading to the city centre. Although we haven’t needed to get to this stage in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, it’s clear to see that coronavirus is still a very real threat and, even though we are getting back to some kind of normality, we must be extremely careful still, when out and about.

The best way to remain safe throughout this pandemic is still to maintain good handwashing, keeping at a safe distance from other people and to wear face coverings when you’re in shops, supermarkets, on public transport or in an NHS setting. It can be uncomfortable to wear a face covering, especially in the heat we’ve had this week, but it really will help to protect others if you’ve got coronavirus and don’t know it yet or don’t have symptoms. This is a huge team effort all across the world to help tackle the spread of the virus and we are extremely grateful for the sacrifices that you have all made and continue to make every day.

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