The 2.6 Challenge: fundraising ideas

The London Marathon was predicted to raise more than £65million for UK charities, and its cancellation was a major blow to the whole sector. And so The 2.6 Challenge was created. A fundraising initiative created as an alternative to the London Marathon to help save UK charities and preventing the closure of vital services working in the heart of local communities.

Traditional fundraising methods need to be tweaked to fit in with social distancing and isolation but there are still so many ways you can fundraise effectively and most importantly, safely. We all know the incredible story of Captain Tom Moore who at 99 years-old, walking laps of his garden, has raised almost £30 million for NHS Charities Together!

Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are very popular for those who are able. These kinds of challenges can be done either inside or outside. Do what you think you are capable of and of course, safely.

For some inspiration, see the story of a boy who is walking the equivalent of Mount Everest up and down his stairs to raise money to help zoo’s get through the crisis.

Here’s some ideas on fitness fundraising challenges, made even more fun by adding a fancy-dress option.

  • Walk or run 2.6km a day for 26 days,
  • Run 26 miles in a week/month,
  • Run up and down your stairs 26 times a day,
  • 6km (3412 steps) or 2.6mile (5492 steps) stair climb,
  • 6-hour (156 minutes) danceathon,
  • 26 2.6-minute planks,
  • A 2.6k egg-and-spoon race
  • 26 challenge sports day,
  • 26 (or 260 if you are up for it) press-ups/sit-ups a day,
  • PE with Joe for 26 days,
  • 26 socially distanced street-laps,
  • Dance-off with 26 moves each.
Arts and Crafts Ideas

Crafty challenges are also very popular with many taking to crafts to help with PPE issues creating masks, scrubs and wash bags for frontline and key-workers. The Mind #ViralKnit encouraging people to ‘Knit to beat Corona!’ Also, Pinterest is a great place to find crafty fundraising ideas.

  • Sew 26 (or 260 if you are feeling brave) face masks or washbags,
  • Knit or crochet a 2.6m scarf,
  • Make a quilt with 26 quilting squares,
  • Paint 26 paintings in 26 days,
  • Ready, Steady, Cook! Use 26 ingredients to make a meal and get your family to judge it,
  • Compete against your family and draw portraits of each other in 2.6 minutes,
  • Complete 26 puzzles, crosswords, word searches in 26 hours,
  • Cross stitch for 26 minutes a day.
Something Fun

There are so many fundraising ideas that are easy to do while isolating or socially distancing, some fun ones include:

  • 26-hour Netflix binge,
  • 26-question video-call quiz – charge an entry fee or get a £2.60 donation for each incorrect answer,
  • 26-minutes of the worst ‘Dad jokes’,
  • 6 hour a day spring clean,
  • 26-clue treasure hunt,
  • Give up something you love for 26 days,
  • Stay awake for 26 hours,
  • 26 book challenge,
  • 26-day art challenge,
  • 26 boardgames competition.

There are so many ways you can fundraise, even if you’re shielding or are in isolation. There are some great ideas on the 2.6 Challenge website and UK fundraising have some good suggestions too.

And don’t forget, we’re fundraising too!

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