Posted on behalf of Stoke-on-Trent City Council:

Closing date: 4th March 2022

Stoke-on-Trent City Council will be conducting the Adult Social Care User Survey in March 2022. This is part of the Department of Health requirements in line with the National Minimum Data Set and Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.

The guidance for completing the survey sets out a minimum sample size and required response level and can be found here.

We will need to send out 2,350 surveys and require a total return of 352 surveys to meet the minimum requirements. We will provide the proofs for questionnaires and cover letters in addition to the file of client names and addresses.

There are eight different types of survey defined by the guidance, however, due to very little variation between the “community” and “residential” versions we use three surveys only. We use one survey for learning disability clients and two (standard print and large print) for all other clients.

The example/ model questionnaires can be found at the above link – under “Questionnaires”, see 1a, 1b, and 3a. However, we will provide the three versions we will use. You may adjust the formatting of these to fit in with your surveying/ printing software as necessary but we are not permitted to reduce the number of pages. The final versions will require sign-off before commencing the exercise.

Questionnaires must carry a sequential reference number so we can correlate responses to the demographic information/ client information we hold.

We will require a quote for the following:

  1. Printing and mailing of postal questionnaires, to go out from 11th March, for the three above sets of clients as instructed, including a four-sided cover letter with pictures for clients with learning disabilities, a two-sided standard print cover letter or a four-sided large print cover letter as appropriate. A reply paid envelope for return.
  2. Checking and data entry of returned questionnaires using the Excel template and answer coding provided.
  3. Providing the completed spreadsheet of results to the Council.

Please give the quote broken down over the three items above based on an initial postal of 2,350 and a final return of 352 responses. The survey must be completed and the results returned to us by 11th April 2022.

To apply, please click here