Staffordshire Moorlands Innovation Community Infrastructure grant

Grant for Investment in capacity building and infrastructure support for local civil society/Community – Principally Capital Funding.

Grants are available to registered voluntary and/or community organisations, town and parish councils. 

If you  require support to become registered or to establish a community organisation please email [email protected] or visit Support Staffordshire where complimentary support is available to support individuals and organisations complete their application.

The objective of this grant is to strengthen our social fabric and foster a sense of local pride and belonging, through investment in activities that enhance physical, cultural and social ties and amenities, such as community infrastructure.

The funding may be used to fund community spaces, such as village halls, libraries or community centres for local civil society and community groups to use.

The expected deliverables from this grant will include:-

  • An increase in number of individuals engaged in the local area / activity.
  • Improved perception of facilities/amenities/accessibility
  • Increased users of facilities or amenities
  • Improved perceived/experienced accessibility


Evidence must be provided that the activity supported will be additional to  previously delivered work/activity .

Minimum grant = £2,000 (project cost at least £2500)

Maximum grant award per organisation = £40,000 (project cost at least £50,000).

The maximum grant rate is 80% which means that organisations must find 20% of the cost to fund the project.