In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are aware that many community organisations have needed to change the way they work locally.  Some are now providing extra services, recruiting more volunteers, reaching out to service users and the local neighbourhood to ask them what they need.

On top of this bedrock of the established community organisations, there have been new shoots sprouting, through residents’ associations, neighbours working street-by-street or people connecting through social media and technology to offer practical help or advice.  These may not be constituted groups or registered charities, but a less formal coming together with key community organisers putting local plans in place.

To help us map the City’s response we would appreciate it if you could tell us if you are part of a network like this providing support.  You can do this by completing this form on the #StokeonTrentTogether COVID-19 Support Network website.

Since the website launched in March many organisations and individuals have come forward to offer their support.  This support is being used every day to help vulnerable people across the City.

These are unprecedented times and we know that many local people who may not have linked with charities or services previously now need a bit of support.  We want to show them what help is out there in one go-to website, so we can help them to help themselves or ask for additional support if they need it.

You can choose whether your group is listed publicly in the support pages or if you’d just like the team supporting people to be aware of what you’re offering.  We’re also here to help you if you need advice, support or additional resources.

We don’t want to leave any stone unturned, so your contribution to providing information and helping us to map the city’s provisions will help local people immensely.

Click here to register your group