Positive Change: the outcomes of an unprecedented year | A new Bates Wells report

April 14, 2021 11:20 am

Twelve months after the UK first locked down, a new report steps back and looks at the bigger picture in what has been an extraordinary year for the charity sector.

After a year of lockdown in the UK, what is the state of health of the charity sector?
In this new report from Bates Wells, leading sector journalist Liza Ramrayka takes a look back and pulls together the key challenges, approaches and lessons learned. The report explores the solutions that civil society organisations are finding to mitigate the effects of this unprecedented year on their clients, service users and donors. It discusses how factors like the Black Lives Matter movement and the climate emergency have influenced charity strategies, and what and where are the opportunities for the sector to ‘build back better’ as the country embarks upon its road to recovery.

Liza’s report, “Positive Change: the outcomes of an unprecedented year reflects back on this past year, but more importantly, looks ahead. The future will inevitably be different, and charities need to be thoughtful about moving forward. Although funding is likely to remain tough, there are still things to be positive about, from new channels for innovation to collaborations and partnerships.”

Read the report here

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