No plans for Emergency Support Fund, says charity minister

March 8, 2021 1:56 pm

Baroness Barran, minister for civil society has said there are no plans for another dedicated package of financial support for the charity sector.

This disappointing news comes one week after the #NeverMoreNeeded coalition wrote an open letter to the prime minister asking for an Emergency Support Fund to help charities meet the rising demand for their services.

Speaking at the online launch of new research into the role of small charities during the pandemic, Baroness Barran answered questions relating to the next budget and what measures would be in place for charities. She explained that the government’s focus is on getting the economy up and running again, but emphasised the relevance this has for charities, explaining:

“Organisations can now start to think about public fundraising again, reopening charity retail and so forth.

“It might need to look a little bit different, but charity is nothing if not agile and creative in that regard.” She added, “But if you are asking me whether there will be another dedicated package, my understanding is no.”.

You can read more about this from Civil Society by clicking here.

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