New NHS App campaign is now live

The new NHS App campaign launched in January and will run until 31 March 2024. The campaign from NHS England aims to increase use of the app and you can find downloadable assets available on the Campaign Resource Centre. 

The campaign showcases the ways in which the NHS App can be used and demonstrates to the public the benefits of using it. Campaign messaging highlights how many people are already using the App to help establish social norms around its use. 

Activity will run through digital channels and social media (including Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Pinterest and Snapchat), digital display and search. The campaign will be supported by targeted out of home advertising in pharmacies as well as multi-cultural marketing and activity aimed at people with disabilities. 

The target audience for the campaign is women aged 18-50 and all adults 45+ in England, as they are higher users of the NHS. Upweighted groups for the campaign include parents of children aged 5-12, and young adults (20-29) as they are more likely to be open to using digital services.