New Facebook Group for Health and Social Care Research

Over the last year the VCS has been engaging as part of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, Shropshire Telford and Wrekin Health and Care Partnership (SSHERPa). 

SSHERPa brings together NHS Trusts, ICBs, Local Authority, Universities and organisations that support research such as the National Institute of Health Research Clinical Research Network West Midlands.   

It is known that research drives best care, and research active organisations are able to demonstrate better outcomes for the people who use their services. 

Ultimately the aim of the partnership is to ensure our local population has the opportunity to take part in, and shape, health and care research.   

We are wanting to work with anybody who can support us in reaching people who are under-served in research, either because they struggle to access to services or because the world of research seems inaccessible. 

We want to work with people to ensure they can help design research that will make a difference to their lives, and equally that they are also able to take part in the many studies that are running that could improve people’s health and care. 

Research is not always about trials, its about understanding people’s lives and using that understanding to improve services.

The Facebook page has been developed from the REN programme and provides a platform for members of the local community to engage in local health research, find out about what is happening locally and how they can get involved.