McCarthy Stone Foundation Christmas Connections

Grants are available for organisations in Great Britain who can provide initiatives for people over 65 years old over the festive period.

Maximum value: £ 1,000

Activities must take place between 1 December 2023 and 2 January 2024. 

The funding themes of the Foundation are:

·        Providing connection and purpose for older people.

·        Building intergenerational relationships to bring young and old together.

·        Regenerating community spaces that enable connection and engagement for older people.

The Christmas Connections 2023 programme supports community organisations to connect people over 65 years old over the festive period.

Key Criteria

Registered charities, community groups and CICs based in Great Britain may apply. Groups must be independent and have a bank account in the organisation’s name.

Only organisations with an annual income less than £250,000 may apply.

Applications should demonstrate how the initiative aligns with the McCarthy Stone Foundation priorities. Also, the proposal should show how funding will potentially benefit those over 65 years old in the community plus indicate the potential number of beneficiaries.

Eligible Expenditure

Project and core costs are supported by the grant.

How To Apply

Applications are now accepted to the Fund.

Applicants should check the website to confirm if the programme is still open as no deadline is stated.

An online submission form is available at the Foundation website. Applicants should include a breakdown of budget costs and a recent set of accounts.

Contact the McCarthy Stone Foundation for further information.