Press release from Macmillan

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Emergency Grant Fund

Macmillan support grant

We want to reach out to those who most need us at this time and so we have established a new Covid 19 Emergency Grant Fund, a sub-stream of our Macmillan Support Grant.

We welcome applications for up to £5,000 from any group, organisation or professional who is supporting their community to overcome the social impact of the coronavirus.

Please email [email protected] to register your interest.

Further guidance can be found in the document attached to this email.

Tell us how Covid 19 has impacted your work or affected those you support

Helping Macmillan to understand the challenges

Supporting the many fantastic individuals, groups and organisations who are also supporting people living with cancer continues to be our priority.

To be able to help you support others better, it is important that we understand as much as possible about how the coronavirus (COVID 19) is impacting on your support efforts and also the people who use your services so that we can try to deliver the support that you need to do the best job you can during these unprecedented and challenging times.

To help build our understanding, we need to hear more about what is happening on the ground.  We need to know your experiences.  Could you take the time to share with us your experiences with us?

You can do this by emailing [email protected] and tell us:

I will then collate your responses (anonymously) with those received by my colleagues from across the UK and they will be used to shape our response to this current crisis.

Coronavirus Information Hub

If you’re looking for the latest coronavirus guidance for people living with or affected by cancer, check out the Macmillan Coronavirus Hub here.

You will find useful information for support groups and organisations about:

If for any reason the link has not worked, you can access the coronavirus hub here:

Macmillan Telephone Buddies

If you know people affected by cancer who are shielding or self-isolating or who simply need to talk, we’re here to listen. With a weekly call from one of our trained Telephone Buddies, no one should have to face cancer alone.

How a telephone buddy works

Going through cancer can be an isolating experience at any time, and especially when social distancing. Our free Telephone Buddy service is here for your service users.  It doesn’t matter if they already have a relationship with Macmillan or not.  They simply need to register with the service and we’ll match them with someone who understands what they’re going through, and give them a weekly call.

Our volunteer buddy will be a listening ear, ready to talk about how the person with cancer is feeling and their support needs during this difficult time. They can also let them know about our services, and all the ways Macmillan can help, to ensure they don’t face cancer alone.

Please share this information, with anyone you feel could benefit from it, find out more here

If for any reason the link has not worked, you can access information about the telephone buddies service here:

Macmillan Wellbeing Coaches

Our Macmillan Well-Being Coaches are here to help you if you have been affected by cancer. They offer free, remote coaching to people who want to work towards making a positive change in their life.

Our coaches have helped people affected by cancer in many ways. They could support you in the following ways, or with other challenges not listed here.

Find out more here.

If for any reason the link has not worked, you can access information about our wellbeing coaching service here:

Don’t let cancer become the forgotten ‘C’

Please click the link here to email your health minister today.

If you would like to be more involved in this campaign email [email protected] and myself or my colleagues will be in touch to find the best way for you to help our campaign.

And finally….

Would you like to take part in an online research study on the impact of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic on people living with cancer?

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen and Queen’s University Belfast are seeking support charities and scientific bodies to understand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for people with cancer, pre-cancerous conditions, or rare conditions, and how it is affecting their caregivers.

The research will look at how people are affected now, and how they continue to be affected.  The research and insight will be presented to charities and scientific bodies to support their understanding and response to the pandemic. 

How to Take Part If you are over 18, have cancer, a pre-cancerous condition, a rare condition, or you are over 18 and care for someone who does, then you can take part in an online survey which is live now, until 15 June.

You can also agree to be contacted again and take part in two shorter online surveys later this year, and early next year, to help track the impact of Covid-19 over time.  These follow-on surveys will take place in September 2020 and January 2021. 

If you are interested, you can access the survey here