Free NSPCC training for voluntary and community groups in Stoke

NSPCC in Stoke on Trent, are currently running two training packages in the city which they want to make available – free of charge – to voluntary groups across the city. They are called: ‘Single Opportunity Counselling’ (SOC), and ‘Recognise and Respond’. These courses are designed to be understood by both adults and older children. The combined aim of these two packages is to not only raise awareness of safeguarding issues, but also to reduce anxiety and increase confidence in the community regarding helping children in distress.

‘Recognise and Respond’

“Do I say something; or don’t I?” is a common question asked by many people when they become worried about the welfare of a child or young person. Sometimes things are obvious; other times not so.

‘Recognise and Respond’ is a straight forward plain English safeguarding awareness course designed to help ordinary members of the public recognise and respond to child abuse and neglect. It is based around the stories of seven young people who are at different kinds of risk, and seven questions that we must ask ourselves:

  1.  What do I need to know about this kind of abuse?
  2.  What are the child’s rights?
  3.  What might happen if no-one does anything?
  4.  How do I handle it if this child tells me what is going on?
  5.  What can I do next?
  6.  What happens if I contact the police or social services?
  7.  How do I keep myself safe if I speak out?

The programme includes space for people to air anxieties and confusions about the subject with our trained professionals. It runs for approximately 3 hours in total, but can be delivered in chunks.

‘Single Opportunity Counselling’

Just suppose you are approached by a distressed child ‘out of the blue’. You probably only have one chance to talk to the child, but does not know what the child wants to talk about in advance, and you don’t have any prior training or experience in counselling.

The NSPCC project called ‘Single Opportunity Counselling’ (SOC) is – to the best of our knowledge – a unique re-think of the way counselling and support for children and young people is provided. It consists of a straight forward ‘toolkit’ for adults who find themselves having serious conversations with children from time to time. SOC is designed to provide those minimum skills and knowledge needed which would maximise the chances of the adult being genuinely helpful. The SOC training has been devised so that it can be learned in a one-day / one-off workshop, in a way that makes it understandable in plain English, memorable, and usable straight away.

Workshop Objectives:

  1.  To understand the importance of assessing and addressing the current unmet emotional needs of children who disclose problems.
  2.  To understand the particular difficulties caused by strong emotions, overwhelming complexity, and loneliness.
  3.  To know how to calm a child so that he or she can think straight enough to find solutions to problems and increase their problem-solving skills at the same time.
  4.  To learn four straight forward, easy-to-master, conversation methods that help children to find solutions to their problems.

How to apply

The NSPCC is willing to bring these courses to a venue of your choice and deliver them to as many of your group as you would like. There is no charge for any group based in Stoke on Trent at this time. Please contact them on or phone 01782 958100.