Free Digital Training in Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire

April 22, 2021 2:40 pm

To help to tackle the digital inequalities in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, Totally Stoked and WEA Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire are bringing a series of new events to provides tech support and training to help others to navigate the digital world.

These four events, that will take place throughout May, are suitable for anyone who uses digital for their organisation. Ideal for absolute beginners or as a tech refresher.


Session one: Getting Started – 10th May 2021

It can be particularly daunting coming face-to-face with digital technology and not knowing how to use it. Whether it’s a confidence thing, or that it’s simply a whole new concept, the prospect of learning how to use the tech that has fast become a part of everyday life can be just as frightening.

This first session is a perfect introduction to using digital technology, building confidence and providing the opportunity to explore the tech and learn how to navigate it. Suitable for beginners, this session will also include all-important jargon-busting.

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Session two: Staying Safe Online – 12th May 2021

Staying safe online is a big part of understanding and using digital technology.

This session will begin by setting ground rules for using tech and how to keep personal details safe when surfing the web. Exploring online security and how to stay safe, the session will provide lots of tips on how to ensure access to reliable information, how to use passwords to keep personal details secure, as well as detecting and dealing with scams, fraud and untrustworthy emails, ads and links.

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Session three: Managing Admin and Staying Organised – 18th May 2021

The difference that digital can make to the operations and admin of an organisation is huge and, using technology and online platforms can save time, energy and resources. This session will provide advice on the use of personal and business online accounts and how to keep these separate.

It will also include guidance on sending e-invitations and sending meeting links, to managing and using logins and passwords, the session will help to close the digital inequality gap that the use of online meetings has created.

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Session four: Managing Groups Online – 20th May 2021

Following on from session three, this session will provide advice on how to hold meetings virtually, from setting ground rules and establishing communication protocols to exploring the different ways to involve those attending.

Covering online meetings from the start, the session will include information and advice on the features of online meeting software, the different circumstances that can affect video and audio quality, and how testing the software or having practice meetings can help to understand the benefits of digital get-togethers.

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To find out more about these events, please email or click here to book a place through Eventbrite.

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