Discover Digital Champion

What is a Digital Champion?

Digital Champions are people who support others in their organisation, community group or workplace to get better access to digital technologies and to stay safe online. They inspire others in their community to enjoy all the benefits that being online can bring.

Who Can Be A Digital Champion?

Anyone over the age of 18 can offer to become a Discover Digital Champion for their organisation, community group or workplace. You will have some confidence using digital technology or be willing to learn. You will be committed to improving digital inclusion and keen to share your knowledge with others.  We are especially interested in recruiting Digital Champions who can help improve digital skills for those from minoritized cultures and backgrounds who may not have engaged with other digital learning opportunities.

Being a Digital Champion for your organisation does not mean you have to be a technical expert. However, you should:

What skills or experiences do I need?

You do not need any specific skills, experience, or qualifications. You will be interested in digital technology, feel relatively confident using it and be keen to help others to build their confidence. You will enjoy interacting with others and will be keen to build people’s confidence, skills, and knowledge to improve their access to the digital world.

What is in it for me?

  • All Discover Digital Champions will be able to apply for small grants to cover expenses and time.
  • You will have access to training opportunities, learning resources and support.
  • You will join a growing network of digital champions.
  • You will extend your own network by working on a project with 12 community partners.
  • You will be able to list your experience as a Digital Champion on your CV.

How do I sign up?

Please check that your organisation, community group or workplace will support you to take on this role.  You can discuss becoming a Digital Champion with any Discover Digital partner or email the following:

  • If your organisation works primarily with older people aged 55+ please contact Beth Johnson Foundation – [email protected]
  • For all other enquiries please contact [email protected]

How Are Digital Champions Supported?

As a Digital Champion you will be supported by a Digital Champion Hub. This might be your employer, a community centre or a group you are part of.  You can improve your knowledge and skills through attending any of the Discover Digital training opportunities.

When you attend a Discover Digital Training or Engagement Event you may be able to get additional support from the Discover Digital partner organisation that has run the event.

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