Counter Coin Challenge

05/09/19 Press release from Counter Coin:

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the new CounterCoin Challenge – this time planting fruit trees.

As you can see Counter Coin just at the beginning of the challenge and have plenty of time to get themselves organised once again.

The first thing to do is decide for yourself if you want to get involved. If you do, then begin please by spreading the word.

What we need is 3 things:

  1. Land to plant the fruit trees (so think scrubland, wasteland or even your back garden (in a pot, maybe?)
  2. People to do the planting – you and your friends!
  3. Trees – trees of any variety are welcome but particularly fruit trees. We’re after a sponsor if you know anyone that wants to get involved in this publicity stunt to save the world! We’d be very, very happy to work with our sponsors to showcase their sustainability credentials – people powered planting will make for a great story!

And of course this is a story that has the potential to run and run. Once planted, the trees will need nurturing and pruning and all-round looking after until they begin bearing fruit. And then we’ll have a jam-fest! (or something!)

So this really is a metaphor for long-term investment in our people and planet. And it’s being cooked up from right here in North Staffs.

We’ve always said that our mission is to show the world what good really looks like! Well, this years CounterCoin Challenge is no different. The Challenge is this though – by setting a good example of mass-participation and collective social action – can we persuade enough people in enough regions the to plant enough trees in quick enough time to help reverse climate change?

Who knows? We only have 11 years to pull this off though so please – share this note with your friends and across your networks. It is after all an EMERGENCY!We’ll have to get ourselves organised on the fly depending on what kind of response we get, but hey, that’s half the fun.

There’s no time like the present so let’s get cracking.

Do feel free to give me a bell or email me back. Those on this list are all friends and compatriots so keep in mind that this is a friends of friends of Stoke and Staffs kind of gig, which together has the potential to become the new story of Stoke and the new story of people-powered-change!

Let’s give that Brexit story a run for its money?

So please get involved and have fun. Let’s so the seeds of the future. Beginning now!

For more information or to get involved email Mike Riddell