Scammers are seeking to exploit the cost of living crisis by targeting consumers with text messages and emails offering fake energy rebates or refunds.

There has been a rise in reports of text messages and emails inviting consumers to apply for the £400 energy support payment. If you receive a message like this, it is a scam.

The £400 is paid automatically, you do not need to apply for it.

The £400 grant will be paid between October and March 2023 to households with a domestic electricity account. The grant will be paid in monthly instalments of £66 in October and November and then £67 from December to March.

If you pay your bills by direct debit, standard credit, payment card or smart prepayment meter, you do not need to do anything as your energy supplier will apply the discount directly.

If you use a traditional prepayment meter, it is important to ensure that your electricity supplier has your contact details as the discount for traditional prepayment meters are being paid in vouchers. These vouchers will be sent either to you by post, email or text message along with information on where and how to redeem them. This is usually at a PayPoint or Post Office branch. If you are due to receive vouchers then we would urge you to be extra careful, if you are unsure if the email, letter or text message is genuine we would always recommend that you contact your energy supplier directly to query it before you click any links or provide any personal or financial information.

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