Charlotte’s 2.6 Challange

How I’m Fundraising – My son and I have been having fun thinking about how we might fundraise around a 2.6 theme.  We played around with a few ideas, first we made a rainbow from 2.6 kg of toy cars, then we considered a pickled egg eating competition as, unlike most people at the moment, we have too many eggs! Finally we decided the one thing we have loved doing more of during this lock down period is walking.  We are feeling so lucky to have so many lovely walks on our doorstep and have loved exploring and listening to the birds singing.  We’re walking an average of 2.6 kilometres a day for 26 days – fingers crossed the rains stops soon!

Why I’m Fundraising – Charities are facing huge financial challenges at the moment and VAST is no exception.  Some causes are easier communicate than others but, as a team, we feel the role of supporting local organisations to do the fantastic work they are delivering and helping people to experience the benefits of volunteering is vital.

Charlotte Bennett is the Strategic Projects Manager at VAST.

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