Information from Fraud Advisory Panel:

17 – 21 October 2022

Charity Fraud Awareness Week (17 – 21 October 2022) is an award-winning campaign run by a partnership of charities, regulators, law enforcers, representative and umbrella bodies, and other not-for-profit stakeholders from across the world.

The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of fraud and cybercrime affecting the sector and to create a safe space for charities and their supporters to talk about fraud and share good practices.

Why is it important?

All charities, NGOs, and not-for-profits are susceptible to fraud and can be targeted.

Those providing services and supporting local communities may be especially vulnerable to fraudsters attempting to exploit current national and global crises to carry out fraud and cybercrime.

This means that now – more than ever – charities need to be fraud aware and take steps to protect their money, people and assets from harm.

Who is it for?

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