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Become a Volunteer Befriender with CAF Staffordshire

Volunteer Befrienders are needed to provide help, friendship, advice or support to parents going through difficult times such as illness, disability, financial worries, loneliness, mental ill-health etc. There is no rulebook for raising a family and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, but if a family can get the support they need, when they need it, then the outlook can be so much better.

As a Befriending volunteer, you will be matched with a family and provide practical and emotional support and befriending. The only requirement is that you are non-judgemental and are able to offer a few hours each week on a regular basis. Our induction course will prepare you for this role.

The new four-week induction course taking place in Hanley and running each Tuesday starting 5th November.

If you are interested please contact CAF Staffordshire for further information and application form.

Tel:  01782 863762 or email:

Join with us to make a positive difference to someone else’s life.