Information from The King’s Fund:

The aim of community diagnostic centres (CDCs) is to deliver additional diagnostic capacity in England by providing quicker and more convenient access for patients and reducing pressure on hospitals.

The vision is for CDCs to be ‘one-stop shops for checks, scans and tests’, designed to achieve early diagnoses for patients and timely treatment and intervention, and are part of the offer of more place-based, person-centred approaches to care, removing some of the known barriers to access. For example, CDCs could reduce the time and cost associated with travelling to hospitals by being set up in more convenient locations.

CDCs are seen by the government as a flagship initiative for ‘busting’ backlogs in care. To realise this ambition, 92 centres have already opened in a variety of settings from football stadiums to shopping centres – carrying out 2 million tests since being set up in October 2021.

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